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Strategic Human Resource Management is a practical guide for HR Professionals who are looking to accelerate their learning and advance their careers.

The book is structured around the four pillars of knowing yourself, knowing your organisation, knowing your industry and knowing your profession and it introduces the ‘PX Framework’ that much of our consultancy work is based on.

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“Karen has an obvious passion for and commitment to the HR profession. This book does a wonderful job of chronicling her HR journey and sharing her narrative. Her insights will be helpful as a guide to other HR professionals who want to make a difference.”

Dave Ulrich, Rensis Likert Professor, Ross School of Business, University of Michigan & Partner, The RBL Group

“What Karen Beaven has created is the missing link between individual, professional, organisational and business perspectives, on the key role HR professionals can have in the fabled future of work. Packed full of quotes, references, exercises and real-life stories, this is the go-to book for those serious about their impact in the work they do, that might now be called HR Strategy. Reset and reinvent HR? You bet..!”

Perry Timms, Chief Energy Officer, PTHR #5 HR Most Influential Thinker 2018

“This is a practical guide for HR professionals seeking to create performance-enhancing HR led by commercial goals. It is all the more powerful coming from an award-winning HRD who has been there and done it, experiencing the ups and downs and building resilience with humility and learning. A most useful handbook to progress your HR career and achieve more.”

Darren Hockaday - HR Director, Gatwick Airport

“This is a must-read book, whether you are an experienced HR professional or a novice at the start of your career. It is an indispensable guide to understanding the world of work and adding strategic value by challenging you to rethink your understanding of HR. The future is really is all about the People Experience and awareness of self, business, industry and profession.”

Shakil Butt, HR Hero, HR and Leadership Consultant

“This much-needed and easy-to-read book provides a fantastic guide for today's HR professional. It is a great combination of education into modern practice and terminology blended with practical advice and encouragement for how to navigate the shifting commercial landscapes that we all face. ”

Kim Atherton - Chief People Officer, OVO Energy and CEO, Just3Things

“Finally, a professional self-help book for HR practitioners from the 'Bouncebackability' Queen herself! As an avid fan of Karen's PX vision, I look forward to a future HR profession full of human-centric and business focused practitioners, closely collaborating with their people and leaders to build commercially successful and sustainable organisations. As Karen states - 'To be inspirational, you must first be inspired', and this book will do that for you. ”

Natal Dank - Chief HR Agilist at Southern Blue Consulting and co-founder of the Agile HR Community

“In a world where HR has to be as creative, agile and future-focused as any other part of the business, this book shows not only how important this is but how to make it possible. It will be the go-to resource for all my HR coaches who are looking to make their mark in business.”

Paul Deeprose, Founder of The Career Gym

“This book is a massive gift not just to HR leaders but to all leaders. Karen turns fundamental concepts into extremely practical steps but most of all she conveys all of her experiences and recommendations in a truly human way. After reading this book you will look after yourself and your people differently and you will be totally confident that you are adding additional value to your organization.”

David Frost, Organisational Development Director at Total Produce plc

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