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Our Core Principles
Core Principle #1

Experience over existence

If you’ve ever thought ‘There must be more to life than this,’ you’re right, there is. You need to up the quality of the experiences you create for yourself in your life if you want to improve it, and, if you’re running a business that’s employing people, you need to think about the experiences you’re providing for them too. Is the experience of working for you conducive to them being able to do their best work? If it isn’t, the ‘existence’ your working practices are facilitating are already making a sizeable dent in your profit margins. So ditch the ‘humans are resources to be managed’ mindset and focus on delivering a world class ‘people experience’, not just for your customers, but for the people working in your business and yourself too. Your business will love you for it.

Core Principle #2

Innovation through bravery and curiosity

Innovation comes from stepping outside your comfort zone and asking the questions that most people don’t. For most businesses, their success hinges on their ability to cultivate innovation and to enable the people working within the business to test, fail and experiment, so they can develop the next big idea that will go on to generate profit. It always surprises me how few corporate cultures are set up to truly enable this and how often I see fear limiting the growth capacity of both individuals and organisations. On a personal level look to become a serial learner. Try new activities to disrupt your thought patterns and to keep you fresh. Don’t be afraid to test and experiment, even small iterations of change enable you to push boundaries and actualise new ideas. Aim to practice innovation as a habit daily and use it to help you find your voice. Then find an environment that lets you use it.

Core Principle #3

Choosing results not excuses

In everything we do there will be one of two outcomes, either a result of some kind linked to the action we took, or an excuse for why something hasn’t happened. Every time you accept an excuse from yourself or others, you give yourself permission to set the bar a little lower, you give yourself a get out clause and sooner or later you start believing in the excuses more than you believe in your capabilities. You have a choice – you can choose to take action and you can choose to accept and learn from the results you get, even if they’re not the results you expected. Action and results enable you to learn and to create momentum, this leads to more action and improved results. Excuses enable procrastination and inertia…don’t even give them airtime. Choose action. Choose learning. Choose results.

How to Work with Us
Core Principle #4

Performance through happiness

Happy people perform better. They’re better networkers, team players, leaders, visionaries, creatives and friends. If you’ve lost the connection with the things that make you happy, invest time in finding it again. Being happy is an intrinsic part of being human and something that can often get locked away when we show up at work. Its absence manifests in symptoms that are damaging to ourselves and the people around us. Have the confidence to embrace happiness when it shows up. Look for ways to create more of it, for yourself and for other people. Celebrate it and find an outlet that enables you to channel it. Sure, I know we can’t be happy all the time but give yourself permission to find a job that makes you happy, to do work that makes you happy and to spend time with people who make you happy and who inspire you.

Core Principle #5

Wellbeing and self-care

The results we get and the performance standards we achieve are directly linked to how we fuel our bodies and our minds. For us to perform at our best we need to make wellbeing and self-care a priority, include health and vitality activities as part of our day, every day and get to know what works for you. Not everyone is a 5am gym bunny and that’s totally ok. However, know that creating movement and building strength is great for boosting confidence and self-esteem, it genuinely feeds our soul. Exercise provides a rush of endorphins that’s healthier for you than caffeine at the same time as boosting and sustaining your improved confidence. The better we feel about ourselves inside the better the outward projection of our potential and abilities becomes. It’s not all about your physical body either, learn to take care of your mind and balance acquisition of knowledge, deployment of technical skill and rest and reflection with equal importance. Learn to listen to the clues your body and mind give you about what’s really going on. Learn the habits that enable you to live with vitality, be healthy, balanced and strong for life.

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